Your Freedom? Yeah That Was Him

So I was perusing the Internet today and it was brought to my attention that Orville Burrell was in fact a U.S. Marine. Who’s that you ask? Well none other than our beloved “It Wasn’t Me” creator – Shaggy!

Burrell enlisted in the United States Marine Corp. as a field artillery “gun bunny” during the Gulf War. During this time Shaggy perfected his iconic singing style while marching and running through drills. He drew inspiration from these experiences for the song “Boombastic”.

After his time in the armed service he decided to pursue a music career in 1993 and went on to release Hot Shot in 2000 which included the track below – “It Wasn’t Me”.


You’re welcome.


Important note: Tuesday was Veteran’s Day and I’d like to send my thanks to all those that have fought and are still fighting for us.