Jet-lag. Jet-lag is not a joke. I keep waking up too early and forgetting where I am. Who planned this campus? There are lots of trees, but everything feels like it was tossed here haphazardly—like someone was playing Monopoly but then got angry and threw the board. No limestone. The IT people in the library are nice. IT people are always nice. What’s that about?

Haven’t eaten a real meal in close to 48 hours. That’s a lie, I ate that suspicious mini bagel in the plastic wrapper on the plane. Oh my God, why did I eat that mini bagel? I need a Sprite. I literally recognize nothing in this vending machine. Granola bars are safe. Wow, thank you God for creating granola bars. But like this one specifically.

ASDA is the British version of Walmart. They don’t refrigerate their eggs. The checkout lady is not having my cheerful American-ness. Oh wow, she really does not like me. My card isn’t working. Okay, Mary, don’t cry in the British version of Walmart. Please.

When is the last time you saw something completely new for the first time? Wow wow wow. It’s like my eyes want to devour everything. I’m never going to understand this place. Wait. Stop. Take a breath. Look around. Look up. It’s the third day. You’ll be fine.