December 5, 2014 / 2:07 pm

Saturday (12/6) – Winspear presents: Burnin’ Down the (Big) House

Saturday (12/6) – Winspear presents: Burnin’ Down the (Big) House

Depressed over the cold gloomy weather hanging around Bloomington all this week? Stressed by the impending dread that is finals week? Well, this Saturday (12/6) Winspear’s put together a cure all lineup for any of the blues your life seems to be singing your way. Swarming Branch, Varsity, Dietrich Jon, and Sunspots will sooth away those sorrows and brighten your mood before things start hitting the fan next week. Music should commence around 9 p.m. (then again its rock ‘n’ roll, so it might be fashionably late) at The Big House. If you haven’t been to The Big House before, check out Winspear’s Facebook page:, for full details.

Swarming Branch will start the night off with some Glam Folk fo’ yo’ ears. Some radical keyboard playing paired with some thumpin’ drums and bass form a key sound for Swarming Branch. Psychedelic laced guitar licks on top of all that provide Swarming Branch a wide-ranging musical styling.

Next on the ballot will be Varsity. The five member band from Chicago made some big splashes in the area music scene this year. Signing with Jurassic Pop Records and releasing their first album (Thanks for Nothing) in April of this year, Varsity’s turned enough heads to land them a spot on the Tomorrow Never Knows festival’s 2014 lineup with Cloud Nothings, Alvvays, PUP, Zola Jesus, and more (Tim Heidecker’s doing a comedy set, so it’s that legit). Driven by a powerful female lead vocals, sweet melodies, groovy bass lines, and electric guitar riffs, Varsity offer a honeyed sound for audiences to groove to. Plus, they’ve got some wicked synth and electronic rhythms floating around their songs, rounding off their garage pop sound.

Following the Chicago Natives will be the local Bloomington band, Dietrich Jon. The six part band has tantalized audiences across Bloomington and the southern Midwest region with sweet folky string riffs mixed into to a classic rock foundation. Diedrik van Wassenaer’s smooth voice falls into place perfectly with Peter Doyle’s lively guitar playing. Backed by Connor Grimm’s bass, Mark Edlin’s drums, and Austin Davis’s percussions, every piece of Dietrich Jon flows into flawless harmony. Diedrik also plays a wicked fiddle, how can you pass up a chance to dance around to electric fiddle playing?

Finishing up the night, Bloomington’s own fortunate sons: Sunspots. Yet again I find myself coming across this band’s name. The four rockers keep making noise around campus and I don’t think it’s going to stop any time soon. The groovy astro-funk groups got the ability to knock your socks clean off with raw rock power, as well as daze the crowd with space psychedelia. Guitarists Jack Staton and Luis Berrizbeitia vibe off of drummer Jesse Gildner and bassist Nick Johnson fluidly for some great on the spot jams.

Hope to see you all there!