Reverie State EP – Field Division


Delicate harmonies –  that seem to trace their way back and linger in the endless starry nights of their home town in Des Moines, Iowa – entrance the listener in the debut EP Reverie State from the Nashville based folkwave duo Field Division. Made up of Nicholas Frampton and Evelyn Taylor, Field Division’s Reverie State brings in a set of warmth just as the winter approaches. Currently on tour in London, but sure to come back to the Midwest soon, Field Division is soft dream like folk rock in the vein of Fleet Foxes or The Staves.

Taylor says their “music is grounded in the peace that comes from growing up in Iowa, surrounded by miles of fields and sky”. The opening track “’Faultlines” exemplifies  this with  tribal drums almost reminiscent of Local Native’s Gorilla Manor and tender vocals from Taylor that float and drift though the dusk light of Midwestern prairie land. Building from just a guitar and voice “Hollow Body Weather” buds with energy at the end chanting “I’ll remember now”. The highlight from Reverie State is “Modest Mountains”. It wanders into the realm of dream-pop with Taylor’s vocals reaching peaks as the calm acoustic guitar picking follows her with quieter drums like a heart beat in the background. This is the song you can hear Frampton’s harmonies most clearly, and while Taylor is still in the forefront Frampton adds warmth that blend smoothly with her soaring notes.

Although by the end of the EP the songs tend to blend together, it is a worthwhile listen if only for “Faultlines” and “Modest Mountains” and shows the talent of where this duo could go in the future.

Reverie State is out now. Check out the track list below.

1)      Faultlines

2)      Of Lives We’ve Never Known

3)      Hollow Body Weather

4)      Modest Mountains

5)      To Innisfree Land

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