Rainy Day Mix

Have you had to remind yourself several times this week that you do not live in Washington State? Did you consider skipping class to spare yourself from the spitting drizzle we’ve had for the past three days? Same. It’s safe to say this weather is the pits (where’s my scenic Bloomington autumn?). However, rain can be alright—even comfy—with the right tunes.

1. “Gloomy Sunday”-Billie Holiday

No one does gloom better than Billie. Legend has it that she had to rewrite the end of this song because it was too depressing for the radio.

2. “Carol Jean”-The Red River

This song is so perfect for rainy days. And sunny days. And overcast days. Really, any time you want to stare out the window and contemplate life, play this song. There is something very rosy and nostalgic about the simplistic lyrics.

3. “Hoped To”-Busman’s Holiday

This song gives me major feels. This Bloomington band will bring your rainy day mood to a new level with lyrics like “a conscious state is a constant waste of time if all you know is a conscious mind.”

4. “Promise”-Ben Howard

Ben Howard is the ultimate rainy day artist. His acoustic, brooding tunes lend themselves perfectly to traipsing across campus in your wellies. This song actually has the sound of rain in the background. Meta.

5. “American”-Ciaran Lavery

Upon first listen, this track sounds utterly depressing. It’s actually a love song—albeit a somber one. “So put me in a teacup, and give me a spin. You’ll love you crazy like you’re an American.” This might be a good time to make yourself a cup of tea.

6. “Long Shot”-Brazos

Brazos has accompanied me on many a rainy day and pensive night. The lyrics can stand alone, but the steady guitar and glimmering piano elevate this track into something in the realm of spectral.

7. “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”-Bob Dylan

This is a sad song. No way around it. Rainy days can be bummer days. If you have to brave the wet weather, I’d suggest plugging this in and letting the precipitation and folk sounds mellow you out.

8. “The Woods”-Daughter

No rainy day playlist would be complete without a Daughter song. This track off of their His Young Heart EP is sparse with only acoustic guitar and vocals. The vulnerable and heart-breaking lyrics are sure to set the mood for a dreary/utterly depressing day.

Hopefully the rain/clouds/general misery lets up soon. Until then, put on some cozy socks, listen to these tunes and embrace the damp.