October 7, 2016 / 4:12 pm



Nineteen-year-old Detroit native, Ian Ruhala, is better known as the DIY lo-fi Indie rocker, HALA, who was recently announced as one of the artists scheduled to play WIUX’s Pledge Drive on Friday, October 14th.  HALA released his first official album Spoonfed in May and, luckily for us, is headed to Bloomington to show what he’s got to offer.  WIUX borrowed his time to ask a few questions:


Q:  What label are you associated with?


Balaclava Records.


Q:  Background band info: How did you start making music?


I like really started writing and recording my own songs when I was in high school. You know, singing the blues of a 14-year-old kid; I really haven’t stopped since.


Q: What music has inspired you?


Listening to my Dad play classic rock covers, and singer/songwriter people.


Q:  Favorite show story?


We played a show in Porte Alegre, which was during our interesting little Brazil tour. There was like 300 plus people in this building, and it was a wild party. The next morning I woke up in the Brazilian version of Bob Dylan’s house, and had to take a cab to get to the airport before 7 a.m.


Q:  What’s coming up for the band? New music? New shows or tours?


I’m always writing songs. The Beatles put out a single every three months and an album every six, for several years, that is an inspiring “motto” that I want to put to practice. And, with the live shows, I want to try to get a good string of dates for this upcoming summer. Tour life. Rock n’ Roll, you know, I want to experience it all.


Q:  Has Detroit inspired your music?


Yessir! When I was recording my latest release I would even look outside my window, to stare at the Motown Museum for inspiration.


Q:  Where can an average Joe go to listen to Hala?


Anywhere! Soundcloud, iTunes, Spotify, just make sure when you Google the name you don’t type in “Halal,” that is something totally different from the band HALA, haha!



Remember to come out to Pledge Drive to support WIUX and hear HALA for yourself. Oh, and don’t forget to bring your friends!



HALA – Problems @ Mi Casa Hostel