Preview of Mac DeMarco’s Another One

Album Cover of Another One on Captured Tracks

Out on August 7th, Another One by Canadian “jizz-jazz” rocker Mac DeMarco tells tales of love, lost-love, and love that was never quite found. Since the announcement of the album back in April, Mac has since released four out of the eight songs on the mini-LP. The album was also leaked back in early July, and to many fans surprise Mac declared that it was okay for his fans to download the leaked version because he doesn’t give a “damn” during his set at Pitchfork Music Festival.

Coincidentally, the first song to be released was “The Way You’d Love Her” which is the first song on the album. The song begins with a simple drum trill then the bitter-sweet, warped guitar riff comes in. The song is very reminiscent of his fan-favorite album Salad Days; the lyrics give a subtle hint into Mac’s private life and even more, a look into the mind of a heartbroken man.

Never really got your chance to show her, what it really means to love her.
The way you’d love her.
The way you’d love to love her.
The way you’d love her.

Mac then shared another one from Another One titled “Another One.” This song was released alongside a music video in which Mac, in the goofy fashion that he is infamous for,  impersonates the late great Michael Jackson. The quirkiness of the video attempts to hide the melancholiness of the lyrics. Mac almost uses it as a front so that people don’t see a sad, hurt man, which is nostalgic of almost any break-up.

The feelin’ never stops
And neither does the clock
Wishin’ for tomorrow today
She still says shes true
So you start comin’ to
Just as that old knockin’ comes to stay

After the news of the album leak, Mac decided to publish the sixth song on the album “I’ve Been Waiting for Her.” This song is different from all the rest on the album, because this one isn’t a heartbroken tune. It is a simple love song; in Mac’s eyes he deserves someone like “her,” whether “her” is his long-time girlfriend Kiera or not, and he has been waiting for “her” his entire life. The overall instrumentation of the song reminds me a little of the 80’s, and it tends to fit more into a lighter version of Rock n’ Roll Night Club. While the lyrics and tone of Mac’s voice gives it a Salad Days or 2 element.

Give up my life for the rhythm
For the beat of a heart
Like hers
Start it over to the rhythm
To the beat of a heart
Like hers

Lastly, Mac released “No Other Heart” a couple of days after his Pitchfork set. This song’s guitar was directly influenced by 2. Again with simple drums and a keyboard to fill the sound, Mac sings about being in love with someone who’s in love with another. Unlike “Another One,” where Mac sings about losing someone to someone else, this time Mac is trying to do the stealing, but in a sweet way. Although the guitar is influenced by 2, the chorus and harmonies heavily remind me of “Go Easy” off of Salad Days. As of today, this is the last song song that has Mac released off of the album, but I would not be surprised if one more made it out before August 7th.

If it’s so
Then come on give this lover boy a try
I’ll put the sparkle right back in your eyes
What could you lose?

The best has yet to come! Stay tuned on the blog for the enitre album review in the beginning of August! Interested in pre-ordering Another One, click here!

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