November 17, 2016 / 12:11 am

Playlist For Your Post-Election Feelings

I know these are trying times for all of us, and things seem to be going down the drain, but music has always been able to express thoughts and feelings we aren’t able to on our own.

These are the songs that have been playing as my soundtrack this past week–explaining my mood better than I can in words.

Hope you can find solidarity in them too.


“Borders (What’s up with that?)
Politics (What’s up with that?)
Police shots (What’s up with that?)”

2. Savages-Marina and the Diamonds

“All the hate coming out from a generation
Who got everything, and nothing guided by temptation
Were we born to abuse, shoot a gun and run
Or has something deep inside of us come undone?”

3. The Mall & Misery-Broken Bells

“Does one want to
Get more used to?
The mall and misery (the mall and the misery)
The dead mouths it costs to be alive”

4. Cold War-Janelle Monáe

“Bring wings to the weak and bring grace to the strong
May all evil stumble as it flies in the world
All the tribes comes and the mighty will crumble
We must brave this night and have faith in love”

5. Mad-Solange

“Why you always gotta be, why you always gotta be so mad? (Be mad, be mad, be mad)
I got a lot to be mad about”

6. Dystopia (The Earth Is On Fire)-YACHT

“We are hungry, we are all tired.
Our tongues they are all on fire.
The walls that we build are higher, higher, higher, higher.”

7. Disparate Youth-Santigold

“Don’t look ahead, there’s stormy weather
Another roadblock in our way
But if we go, we go together
Our hands are tied here if we stay”

8. Freedun-M.I.A. featuring ZAYN

“It grew bigger than a politician
Yeah, history is just a competition
Do you wanna sign my petition?
It’s for the people with dedication
Some people f*** it up, take vacations
Refugees learn about patience”

9. Million Dollar Loan-Death Cab for Cutie

“You’ll reap what you’ve sown
From a million dollar loan
Call your father on the phone
And get that million dollar loan”

10. Straight Outta Vagina-Pussy Riot

“Don’t act like you don’t notice
Girls run it like U.S. Open
Throw a fit right now (right now)
Put up a fist right now (right now)”

11. Many Moons-Janelle Monáe

“Broken dreams, no sunshine, endless crimes, we long for freedom (for freedom)
You’re free but in your mind, your freedom’s in a bind”