February 1, 2016 / 4:20 pm

Paul Simon records theme song for new Louis CK webseries




On Jan. 30, Louis CK released the first episode of his new online show Horace and Pete in which he and Steve Buscemi play brothers who operate a dive bar called Horace And Pete’s. The best part is that this all came as a surprise and was released without warning, the New York Times refereed to it as “The comedian Louis C.K. [pulling] a Beyoncé”.  This show is just the latest in the extensive writing and producing credits that Louis CK has accumulated including those for Lucky Louis, Shameless, Chewed Up, and Louie. The cast of Horace and Pete includes Alan Alda, Edie Falco, and Jessica Lange.

The theme song for Horace and Pete was penned and recorded by Paul Simon.  The song is played three times – at least in this first episode – at the beginning, during the intermission half way through the show, and at the very end. It is acoustic, guitar based, and arguably perfect for a web series about a bar. Lyrics include “Hell no/ I can’t complain about my problems/ I’m OK the way things are/ I pull my stool up to the bar/ At Horace And Pete’s”.

If you are interested in listening to the full theme song or watching the episode, you can download your own copy here.