With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, l-u-v is in the air. Ah yes, the one day a year to make the daring sartorial choice to wear pink and red AT THE SAME TIME. Though I’m fairly certain the holiday was created to sell chocolate and pasta, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be just for established ~romantic~ relationships (cue Kenny G sax), it’s also a great time to meditate/celebrate one of the lesser acknowledged l-u-v vibes: the crush.

Also known as infatuation, the crush is that nonsensical feeling we all get when we’re feeling someone else’s vibe. They can strike AT ANY TIME. You could be on the bus and all the sudden in walks some cutie who’s appropriately dressed for the weather. Or you’re just ordering some coffee and the babin’ barista spells your name right. Maybe you’re just trying to mind your own business in the IMU but then you overhear some dreamboat talking about how unfair patriarchal privilege is. How are you supposed to deal??? I’m here to help. Whether you’ve been harboring a crush on your fave musician for years, or you just noticed that tall drink of water in your finite class, these songs are sure to help you cope with all the feels a crush can bring.

1. “We Get On” Kate Nash

This is the ultimate crush song. Kate knows how it feels to be in the grips of soul-crushing infatuation. Hopefully your crush-exploits fare a little better that hanging out in the bathroom all night though.

2. “I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend” The Ramones

Punks need love too! This tune is great because it gets the point across, but with a dismissive attitude. Like I don’t care if you like me, it’s whatever (but it’s actually not agh I’m dying here). Totally hardcore.

3. “I Fall in Love too Easily” Chet Baker

This is a great melancholy crush song. Listen to this whilst sipping coffee at a café on a rainy day. Plus, Chet Baker’s voice is the dreamiest.

4. “One Fine Day” The Chiffons

Motown gets it.

5. “Maway” Dan Croll

Crushes are imbued with a mess of possibility, fantasy and doubt. What are you going to do? Maybe you should ask your crush out! Or maybe you should just continue writing shitty poetry about him/her in your diary! (By the way, no one here has a crush on Dan Croll—if that’s what you were thinking. Because I don’t, okay?)

6. “God Help the Girl” God Help the Girl

This song from the movie of the same name, is prime room dancing material. It’s also a great example of the mixed emotions of crushdom. One minute you’re eating the chocolate hidden in the fridge and the next you’re so over it. Haven’t we all been there?

7. “Do I Have to Look for Love?” The Tuts

For when you really are over the whole “love” thing.

If you’re crushin’ hard this Valentine’s Day, my heart is with you. You can make it through this! Just crank these tunes and scribble his/her name all over your notebooks.