November 17, 2014 / 8:36 pm

Newsroom season 3 episode 2 recap


This episode featured empowered-female characters. Yes, you read that correctly.

First, our favorite damsel in distress, Maggie Jordan grows a spine with none other but our favorite punching bag Toby Flenderson from Scranton, PA.

Except in this show, Toby is an EPA director, albeit still a nervous, blundering wreck, who talks a little bit too loudly on the train from Boston to New York. Maggie is also on this train, coming back to the city after her coverage of the Boston bombings. Being the journalist that she is, Maggie records the phone call, Toby finds out and after some great Sorkin dialogue with the wit and moral checks and adversity, Maggie decides morally to drop the story that she overheard and Toby gives her an unpublished EPA document about how carbon emissions are exceeding estimates and basically, we’re doomed. As all of this is happening, a Fordham law professor falls in love in Maggie and asks for her number. Armed with a great scoop and a potential new (and super cute) love interest, Maggie seems to be back on track.

Sloan and Don’s weird relationship is also fun to watch in this episode, mostly because of the impressive scene of a beautiful brunch. I love brunch. Anyway, what we learn is that Don is accidentally becoming an insider trader, using a tip from Sloan to buy Chipotle’s stock right before it went up. Oops. White collar crime. Anyway, I hope they stay together, even though Sloan is the only mentally stable woman on this show, I still hope she can be mentally stable AND with Don.

Also important, Kat Dennings plays one of Reese’s annoying step-siblings that are trying to buyout ACN’s parent company. She’s just so good. Literally, her and Jane Fonda trying to out bitch each other was one of the iciest scenes I’ve watched on television in a while.

This episode though, the title and the ending, revolved around Neal and his dip into the world of classified government documents and espionage. After hiring a feisty lawyer and sitting through hours of bickering between the lawyer and Will and Mac and pretty much everyone, Will hatches a plan for Neal to run away and the story to run on air. Neal gets away and is smashing his iPhone and lighting the dumpster on fire as the FBI shows up to ACN to go through every single hard drive.

As a journalist, this storyline has already become my favorite from the season. Equal parts exciting and relevant, it appeals to me as not just a viewer, but someone who is truly interested in the relationship between journalists, the government and sources that can cause damage to both parties.

However, as a woman, it’s nice to see Maggie being treated like a real person finally. I’ll be the first to say that Maggie is so annoying to watch, but after this episode she proves her credibility as a journalist and why she still works at ACN.

Still though, at the end of the day, it’s Will that saves Neal, Will that makes the final call on the future of Neal’s exclusive story and Will that knows the future.