April 21, 2015 / 7:07 pm

New Weezer Track For Fan Club Members Makes Joining One Cool Again

Weezer had just released the wonderful album Everything Will Be Alright in the End last October and most recently they headlined the NCAA March Madness Music Festival and now they have decided to go and release a brand new track on 7-inch vinyl to the lucky members of their official online fan club.

And thankfully some have already uploaded it to the needy people of the internet.

The song hits on all the notes you want in a Weezer song. As Rivers starts to sing the first lyric Scott rips on his bass, like we always love. The song is a good rock song and just makes you happy that a garage/emo/indie rock band like Weezer exists and is still making music. And as I listened to the song and read about how they chose to release it, it really got me thinking.

The fact that Weezer has been around since 1992 and are still producing quality and critically acclaimed music really says something about their fan base, and I feel they understand that. Weezer has always rewarded its fans, especially ones that have joined their official fan club. They have given out free concert tickets and other merchandise before. The band is very active with their fans online and knows the key to staying successful is having a presence online and connecting with fans, and that has never seemed to be an issue for them. Other artists are catching on as joining fan clubs is becoming not only a cool thing to do again, but also a smart thing to do.

Now it seems like anyone who is resourceful is joining a fan club. Being a member can give you access to personal letters from the artist like St. Vincent does, access to early and discounted ticket purchases like Lana Del Rey, or a free 7-inch vinyl like Weezer did.

So don’t miss out on all those perks! Join a fan club! And listen to the new Weezer track because it’s pretty darn good.