March 1, 2018 / 3:18 pm

My Dream Tyler, The Creator Setlist

I’m seeing Tyler, The Creator Friday at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago and I’m excited, but I’m also sad that it’s not the same era of Tyler that existed when I first started listening to Odd Future 7 years ago. I miss the gritty, unfiltered teenager that Tyler was when he first emerged, and the fact that 90% of the songs he created some years ago would never be popular today due to problematic themes and language.

I’ve been grappling a lot with what my dream setlist is. Of course, I would love to see both Goblin and Bastard played in full, but if that happened then I’d miss out on some of my favorite Tyler x Frank Ocean collaborations and some of the incredible tracks off of his last record.

Alas, here is my dream setlist for Tyler, The Creator:

“She”- Tyler, The Creator ft. Frank Ocean

This is an absolute must as it is one of my favorite Tyler love songs AND it features the incredible Frank Ocean. I remember buying this album and listening to it in my car and my mom just cringing at the “I wanna drag your lifeless body to the forrest and fornicate with it” lyric, and maybe the fact that something I loved so much made the older generation SO uncomfortable was yet another reason why I love this track so much.

“Tina”- Tyler, The Creator ft. Jasper and Taco

Imagine throwing ‘bows in the pit to this.

“Sandwitches”- Tyler, The Creator

This beat drop is singlehandedly responsible for all of the hood rat shit I did from 2011 on.

“Glitter”- Tyler, The Creator

I LOVE THE IDEA OF TYLER BEING IN LOVE AND WHEN I LISTEN TO THIS SONG I FEEL LIKE I’M IN LOVE TOO. I also feel like there’s potential for some very cool light design during a live performance of this track.

“Golden Girl” -Frank Ocean ft. Tyler, The Creator

First and foremost, the production on this record is B R A Z Y, which I know you wouldn’t get in a live show… BUT STILL. I’m also 100% on board for the classic distorted sound from Tyler.

“Blow”- Tyler, The Creator


“Boredom”- Tyler, The Creator

I wanna cry a little at every show I go to.

“See You Again” – Tyler, The Creator ft. Kali Uchis

Like I said… I wanna cry a little.

“Yonkers” -Tyler, The Creator

OBVIOUSLY. This video made me physically ill the first time I saw it 7 years ago and honestly…. I’ll never be over it.

“Who Dat Boy” -Tyler, The Creator

and while we’re still hype we may as well end it here.