November 16, 2015 / 6:19 pm


Released: 11/13/2015


The last time I heard MUTEMATH, it was on the soundtrack for Twilight. The band released a new album, Vitals, on Nov. 13, and while it is sure to please old and new fans alike, it will not be featured alongside Edward Cullen.

MUTEMATH, an alternative rock band from New Orleans, began making music together in 2003. The group is made of four musicians: Paul Meany (lead vocals and keyboard), Darren King (drums), Todd Gummerman (guitar), and Roy Mitchell-Cardenas (bass). MUTEMATH draws from an assortment of sounds; however, they do utilize heavy synthesizers, amplifiers, and drums to create their particular sound. Interestingly enough, most of the members of the group are multi-instrumentalists, enabling them to broaden their musical scope more than other rock groups.


Vitals is a respectable rock-pop album. There are a few standout tracks and this is a well-executed album, but overall, it felt safe and predictable. These are not necessarily negative features though. While some rock bands alternate their original sound in order to appeal to larger audiences, MUTEMATH keeps it genuine for their supporters. Old fans will appreciate that the album does not deviate far from their older releases. New fans will enjoy the catchy hooks and choruses, lively riffs, and overall pleasing ambiance this album delivers. In fact, this album is perhaps the best release from MUTEMATH so far.

One of the singles off the album, “Monument” demonstrates the group’s ability in experimentation while still keeping rooted to their true sound. Overall, The album is full of little wonderful moments: booming hooks and playful synth melodies. Meany, lead vocal describes the album to have a celebratory tone. “Hope is vital. It happens from finding a way to believe something great still lies ahead.”

Personally, my favorite track off the album is titled “Joy Waves”. This song is the first track off Vitals, placed appropriately to introduce the album: merry, creative, lighthearted, uncomplicated. If you like The Civil Twilights or As Tall As Lions, you will most likely enjoy MUTEMATH, and following, you will probably enjoy this album. A few tracks off the album to pay attention to:


Joy Ride

Light Up