October 11, 2015 / 5:17 pm

Music Spotlight: HINDS


On October 4th,  I, alongside my partner-in-crime, Mike Higgins, had the amazing opportunity to interview Madrid’s lo-fi ladies, HINDS. They headlined at The Bishop and were very excited to be in Bloomington, with Sunspots and Chives opening for them.

The moment we came out of the car, someone said “ayy welcome to bloomington.” – Carlotta

HINDS is made up of Carlotta, vocalist and guitarist, Ana, vocalist and guitarist, Ade, bassist, and Amber, percussionist. Before Ade and Amber joined the band, they released DEMO on their bandcamp, where it gained popularity from various magazines. Their first album, Leave Me Alone, is set out to come out on Jan. 8.

We can’t even wait to make the second album, and the first is not even out. – Ana

HINDS, previously known as DEERS, arrived at the end of Sunspots set, while listening to their cover of Twin Peaks’ “Making Breakfast,”  and later talked about how much much they lovedTwin Peaks and the Sunspot’s cover.

Sunspots performing at the Bishop

Sunspots performing at the Bishop

We interviewed the band in the alley/ parking lot behind the Bishop, while the girls swigged beers and shared laughs. We asked them what expectations they had with coming to Bloomington, and they were genuinely excited about coming to a college town. They said that they felt like they were one of us, because they were us not too long ago.

We were students so little ago, that we still feel like you guys. -Carlotta

When they were still known as DEERS, Carlotta learned to play the guitar from fellow-founder, Ana, who learned to play the guitar just four months before teaching Carlotta. After the sucess of DEMO, the girls felt the need to add more members: Ade and Amber; Ade’s parents bought her a bass and Amber’s sister’s boyfriend had a drum kit.

We wouldn’t be here if it were just us two. – Carlotta

Carlotta (left) and Ana (right) during the interview behind the Bishop Bar

Carlotta (left) and Ana (right) during the interview behind the Bishop Bar

When asked if they had any spanish influence to their music, they responded with a surprising no.

There is no one like us. – Ana

But they did recieve influence from many indie artists from across the Alantic. They mentioned that they adored Chicago’s own Twin Peaks, who headlined Culture Shock last year, and we all bonded over our love for Mac DeMarco and Ty Segall. They were beyond words when they found out that both had also headlined Culture Shock in previous years. Among their other favorites were the Black Lips, Shannon and the Clams, and the Growlers.

They began their stint in North America as a supporter for Glass Animals, but made time out of their busy schedule to stop in Bloomington, thanks to Winspear. Now, they are on their own headlining North American Tour, and will be heading back to Chicago later this month, if you missed their Bloomington show. This is only the girls second time in the States, as HINDS, and they only had the kindest words to say.

Tulsa people were so into us and ended the show with clapping and screaming for one more song and they had no idea who we were – Carlotta

Until… we asked them to do their impression of an American and well… in very nasaly voices they talked about gossip and burritos. *cough cough* Laughing Planet.

You can get some burritos around the corner. ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod you got to taste them it’s incredibleeeeee. – Ana

Amber (left) and Ade (right) during the nterview

Amber (left) and Ade (right) during the nterview

Finally, we asked them what they would like to say to their fans here in Bloomington.

You live in bloomington; you are studying. This is a dream for us; you are so lucky. Get crazy, enjoy it, love it, and Support music. – Ana

The time of your life is right now. – Carlotta

The interview was a success and the show was even better. HINDS playes all of our favorites from “Bamboo” to “Chili Town” and some new ones off their upcoming album. They even performed a Dead Ghosts cover of “When It Comes to You,” which I’m hoping to hear a studio version of! The show was hot, the crowd was lively, and HINDS were giving it their all. The show ended with us chanting “uno más,” before the exploded into “Trippy Gum” again. I will never not go see a HINDS show near me, and hopefully they’re back soon. A huge thank you from WIUX and Bloomington, for an amazing show.

Carlotta under the stage lights

Carlotta under the stage lights

Check out the full interview here:


Photography by Dalia Erkman and Mike Higgins

Interview Questions by Mike Higgins