Music for your Mondays

MONDAYS AMIRITE??? Here’s some tracks I’ve scoured from all corners of the Internet to make my Monday, and hopefully your Monday a little bit better.

A little Kanye never hurt nobody and here’s a little throwback to his Graduation days with “Touch the Sky,” remixed with the XX to make the classic song a little more synthy. A great tune to listen to while walking to class.

Two of my favorites collide with the video where Lorde covers another Graduation¬†track, “Flashing Lights.” She goes from the cover into her own song “Bravado.” Sometimes life makes so much sense, and opening with a Kanye track and segueing into a song called “Bravado” makes the most sense.

Big Sean signed onto Roc Nation this weekend and celebrated by releasing four singles. This expletive-laced track is my personal favorite because I think the lyrics are absolutely hilarious and despite the silly lyrics, it’s produced really well (by DJ Mustard and Kanye West). Highly recommended to listen to if your weekend consisted of boy/girl problems.

Miley covered Led Zeppelin and everyone is voicing their confusion/disdain/displeasure for the twerking queen covering the rock gods, but at the same time, despite the sound quality, this is a great cover. Even though it’s easy to forget, Miley really does have a great voice and vocal range and it’s nice to listen to her take advantage of it. Also a hot dog wearing a hat.

New Cold War Kids single, and like the other songs they’ve recently released, “First” sounds absolutely fantastic and I can’t help but get excited for what the band’s been working on.

“Stay” by @badgirlriri is my ultimate guilty pleasure. Also Jared Leto’s hair. This cover, recorded in one of my favorite places I’ve ever been, the BBC Live Lounge, is my ultimate guilty pleasure and if you hate the song, just put it on mute to watch Jared Leto’s hair.

Even though they are set to release a new record in early 2015, producer/guitarist Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie announced that he was leaving the band on amiable terms at the end of their tour. This video is the last song from the last show from the last tour that Walla will be in and it will tug on the heartstrings of every Death Cab fan when the band gives each other a group hug.

The Wu-Tang Clan name generator may have renamed Donald Glover as Childish Gambino but this is not Wu-Tang Clan music. That was irrelevant, but I just love that fact about Gambino. Anyway, the comedian/actor/writer/rapper released “Sober” over the weekend and it’s great. Rumor has it that Gambino and Chance the Rapper are working together, so prepare yourself.