September 22, 2014 / 6:42 pm

Music for Your Monday 9/22

It’s another Monday so that means I’m back for some more songs to make today a more bearable day. We have some more (!!!) new stuff from Childish Gambino, some old stuff from Real Estate and more. So kick back, turn the volume up and enjoy this perfect Bloomington weather.

First things first Gambino’s the realest and with this just-released track that was supposed to be released over a year ago, we’re reminded what makes Donald Glover so fun to listen to. This track sounds a lot more similar to his work on because the internet compared to “Sober,” the single he released last week. I personally loved because the internet and “Free At Last” will be on repeat for a while.

“Green River” was released on Real Estate’s self-titled album back in 2009, but I just heard it for the first time earlier this week. The dreamy tune is perfect to listen to in this perfect weather. Just like fine wine, this song seems to get better with age.

I got an email from a PR guy today about this song and since he personalized the email to the point of including an article I once wrote to persuade me that I would love this band, I decided to actually listen to the band’s music. Turns out, PUBLIC is actually pretty good and the Cincinnati-based band is touring with Walk The Moon now, so they’re doing big things. Good job PR guy on doing a good job.

I was at the gym and searched on Spotify for a song and for some reason this song started playing. I’m not complaining though cause there’s nothing better than good rap especially when it’s a cultural critique.

Feeling nostalgic for middle school? I don’t know why you would be, but here’s a great song to accompany your nostalgia for nine and a half minutes.

Antlers put out “Familiars” this summer and it’s one of the most beautifully sounding albums I’ve heard in a while. This is my favorite track from the record and if you need to slow down, take a deep breath and play this song on repeat until your blood pressure returns to a healthy level.

Missed out on last Monday’s music madness? Here’s an early #tbt