December 1, 2014 / 11:47 am

Music For Your Monday

Congrats if you’re reading this then you survived Thanksgiving and spending a week home. Here’s some very good music I’ve discovered on my week off as a reward for all of us.

The Neighbourhood finally released the full mixtape that they teased us with this past summer. Featuring rappers like Casey Veggies, Danny Brown and in this track, French Montana, the electro-indie band seamlessly adds elements of hip-hop to create some really unique tracks. Although “Jealousy,” which was released this summer, is still my favorite song so far on the mixtape, I’m really feeling “#icanteven” too.

Do you ever hear a song and you’re like well damn, why didn’t I discover this song earlier when it totally was relevant to my life? I feel like at least 75% can relate to this. Anyway, it’s too bad I didn’t discover this song like 2 years ago. That would have been very nice. It’s still nice now too, but more so if you have a very broken heart, which I luckily don’t have anymore. But if you do, this one’s for you.

I’ve been listening to this mashup for nearly a week now and still ever time I’m thinking what the hell is this and enjoying it so much at the same time. By mixing Tame Impala’s mellow riffs with Kanye’s aggressive bass lines, “Black Skinhead” takes on a completely different feel. And as weird as it sounds-it really does sound weird both in theory and in your headphones-it’s pretty awesome.

Cold weather is perfect Grizzly Bear listening weather. And this is one of my favorite songs from Ed Droste and the rest of band.

I wish the quality was better, but Marc Roberge just has such a great voice and he does just a great job with this cover. I hate that O.A.R’s last album, The Rockville LP, relied so little on Roberge’s vocals because they’re so strong and just amazing at the three minute mark. I love this a lot.

I think I heard this song like three years ago and then promptly forgot about it (why) but I’m so happy I found it again. Released as a bonus track on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, and featuring great verses by big names like Beyonce and Big Sean, this track is one of the more underrated ones in Kanye’s discography.

Indie Shuffle is one of my favorite websites to find music on Soundcloud and that’s where I found this groovy remix of the classic Beatles song. It’s produced flawlessly and allows you to imagine what the Beatles would sound like if they took a disco route in the 70s.