November 17, 2014 / 2:29 pm

Music For Your Monday

Well there’s snow on the ground. It’s cold. I drove past a sign in rural Indiana in front of a church that said “Ebola Relief Concert.” That’s our theme for Culture Shock this year. Sorry for spoiling it. I don’t have much to say, so here’s some music for this very cold and snowy Monday. (IT’S NOVEMBER WHY IS IT SNOWING LITERALLY I’VE BEEN IN THIS STATE FOR THREE YEARS NOW AND I STILL DON’T GET IT #eastcoast5ever <3333)

A fitting song title cause I feel like Bloomington may be an iceberg right now. Real talk though there’s nothing special about this song but it’s good!!!!

It’s been something like 5 years and I’m still unsure if there’s a song that’s better to listen to in the cold than “Blood Bank.” Sure, most Bon Iver tracks scream “snow! winter! listen to me!” but there’s just something about “Blood Bank” that I have always loved. This remix adds an extra layer of warmth and texture and instead of overpowering, the deep bass and echoing complements the track.

I love covers (but you’ve probably figured that out by now) and I also love Kanye (you’ve probably figured that out by now too) and this song combines both! What a time to be alive! But really, Glass Animals is a really great band, highly recommend that you check out their original music after you listen to this cover of the classic 808s track.

Woah a happy song? What is this madness? I like it though. Hopefully you will too.

Can you imagine an episode of The Office where Taylor Swift is in Scranton and Michael Scott is looking for her all day? I imagine it sort of like this but a little different. Same same but different.

I really can’t stand the original version of this song but obviously Lorde can figure out a way for me to listen to it. She dances like she’s possessed but who cares she’s like the coolest #teen on earth.


~no music for your monday next week because I’ll be home and I’ll be busy eating good sushi and pizza and drinking dunkin iced coffee and big gulps from slev~