November 9, 2014 / 11:31 pm

Music For Your Monday

With a few new bruised, some more cracks in my phone and a random iphone in my apartment, gifted by an uber driver with a glove compartment filled with lost iphones, it’s officially the end of tailgate season at IU. Hopefully all of my loyal readers survived because there really aren’t a lot of you to start with. Anyways, hopefully this week’s edition of Music For Your Monday will attract some new readers cause this music is awesome.

There are somethings that you literally just can’t make up and this mashup of “Here Comes the Sun” and “Jumpin Like Jordan” can be classified as one of those things you just can’t make up. It’s really weird and really good and George Harrison may or may not be rolling over in his grave.

This song is very nice to listen to. Both male and female vocals are stunning and the complement each other really well.

Step one: get a nice pair of headphones. Step two: put them on. Step three: play this song. Step four: get blown away. Seriously though, The 1975 usually makes pretty sexy music but this remix is fire.

“Send Me Down” is my favorite Haim song of the week. They layered vocals add some texture to an otherwise simple track (lyrically, not instrumentally) and I love the drumming in the song. If someone wants to isolate the percussion for me, my email is

If nothing else, it’s a reason to celebrate.

Yes I know I already used “IDFWY” in another Music For Your Monday, but there was no way I was gonna skip over this music video. With a song at this caliber, you can’t just make any music video. It has to be the best video ever. And this is a pretty killer video. Why? Because Kanye is Sean’s football coach. Also E-40 rapping in the press box in hilarious Also the unabashed product placement (see Red Bull and Beats and Addidas)