November 3, 2014 / 10:21 am

Music For Your Monday

I know what you’re thinking. It’s already time for another Music For Your Monday? Where is time going? Why is it getting dark at 6 p.m.? Why is it cold? Why is it November? Why are people still wearing uggs in public? Here’s some music to distract you from these never-ending questions.

This track is off on Calvin Harris’ latest album, Motion. Although I’m not the biggest Harris fan, my sources tell me that this album isn’t his best work. However, they also say that this song, featuring Haim, is easily the best on the album. Well obviously. Haim is awesome and I’m so happy that so many more people will be able to discover them after this song blows up, because well listen to it. It’s gonna be big. Yay.

Sorry, 100% not sorry. 1989 is just another stupid pop album…or maybe not. Read what I have to say about it! #Shamelessselfpromotion

It’s gonna be a cold and rainy week and there are few bands better than The National to listen to in the cold rain. (Besides Band of Horses, Bon Iver, Death Cab…) Anyway, this is my favorite song by them and I’ll probably be listening to it a lot this week.

BBC 1 Radio Lounge is a magical laboratory where things that shouldn’t happen, happen, and it’s almost always a good thing. George Ezra covering “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” makes no sense, and it’s not even THAT good but it’s hilarious and Ezra has a nice voice. He’s also very cute.

Can we pronounce it Yeezy season yet? Maybe. Kanye absolutely kills it on this track with his classic lyrics and he nails the delivery, all without the abrasiveness from Yeezus. Does that mean that can expect the new album to sound more like Graduation? Who knows. Actually Theophilius London knows considering he’s heard the album. I’m so excited.

Sorry to end this week’s edition on such a melancholy note, but as this week marks the start of S.A.D season (seasonal awareness disorder) I thought this would be a good song to commemorate it with. I’m pretty sure whoever made this mashup combined some mp3 files with a vial of tears, a few snowflakes, a broken heart and a drop of despair. It’s a great song, I promise.

Don’t forget to check in every Monday for a new edition of Music For Your Monday xoxoxoxo