Music For Your Monday

I had a pretty weird weekend and I think that my music choices for this week’s edition of Music For Your Monday will reflect that. Impromptu road trips through nearly three hours of cornfields=an eclectic playlist. Unfortunately Taylor Swift’s new album isn’t released yet (but I have it and it’s my newest guilty pleasure) so sadly, she you won’t find any of her songs, this week at least. Here we go.

This song for real rocks and I love blasting it in the car. There are few things more satisfying then flying down an empty road with the windows down blasting trippy rock like “Queen.”

Another fun song to listen to with lyrics that I think anyone and everyone can relate to. Everything about this lo-fi tune is simple pretty cookie-cutter for the genre, but it works and I like it. Hopefully you do too.

This song recently came on the radio and I forgot how much I used to love it. Turns out I still do, and the music video is pretty fun to watch. If there’s ever been a song that defines my taste in music circa 2010, it would probably be this one so we can all laugh about that together.

Another blast from my past, this song also came on the radio this weekend. I used to love this song so much and I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that. In other news, very happy not to be a very emotional #teen anymore.

First off, I promise this will be the last throwback of my questionable music days for this playlist, but this is a good story. Buzzfeed wrote a listicle about songs that emo people cried to back in the day when emo people still existed (side note: I worked in the emo capital of London this summer. Seriously, Camden High Street has like at least four stores dedicated to emo wear and one time when I was walking to lunch I saw a girl in white face powder IN 2014). Anyway, this song was on the listicle/spotify playlist and I immediately recognized it as my favorite song in like 2007 or one of those years I’d rather not remember. I mean Papa Roach. What a name.

Ben Howard’s new album, I Forgot Where We Were, is so good this track is one of my favorites. His voice is as beautiful as ever and it’s perfect winter music.

Let’s end on a high note, aka this track. I first heard it on an episode of All Songs Considered from a few weeks ago and I can’t stop listening to it. Just listen to the drummer and the percussion. If it wasn’t for the drummer this would be an ok song but he’s so freaking good. Drums=important; this song=good.

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