Music For Your Monday

I don’t have a ton of awesome music for you guys this week because I spent the majority of my music listening time (aka walking to and from class and working out) by listening to Serial, a podcast from This American Life, and it is truly amazing. If you haven’t listened to it yet, stop what you’re doing and download it, then finish reading this article and then listen to Serial. That being said, Music For Your Monday is going to featuring some older songs today, but luckily, unlike the bread in my pantry, music doesn’t mold with age.

I really like this song, especially when I’m running, but unfortunately the rest of the album kind of sucks. At least this song is good!

I loved Strange Desire and I can listen to this song on repeat forever. I listened to it a lot this summer when the album first came out, for some reason forgot about it, and I’m just getting into it again. Highly recommend that you do the same.

Another great album from this summer that I forgot about, Conor Oberst proves that he’s still a really fantastic writer. From the opening song to the last chord, Upside Down Mountain is a great album.

I would sit on my car during my second semester of my senior year in high school listening to this song and wasting time so I could spend as little time as possible at my internship, surrounded by smelly, yellowing stacks of the local newspaper. 17-year-old angst at it’s finest.

Last week I declared the word “swag” when used as a noun to be permanently deleted from our collective lexicon. However, “swag” as an adjective is still acceptable, and I can say with confidence that the only time I’ve ever felt swag is when I was driving home from D.C. this summer blasting this song on the highway.

This song is a gift to your ears. Hearing “Black Rock” live is always a great experience, but this version for Red rocks is one of the best versions I’ve ever heard.