April 18, 2016 / 7:07 pm

Music For Your Monday

Only a few Mondays left in the semester, so that means only a few more Music for Your Mondays- NO YOU’RE CRYING NOT ME STOP IT.

Here’s some good tunes I’ve been enjoying, especially now that I can enjoy them outside in this beautiful weather, or driving in my car with the windows down, spring time in Bloom never disappoints.


“Emotions And Math”- Margaret Glaspy

My two least favorite things in this world, besides human suffering, are probably emotions and math. Yet, Margaret Glaspy is able to make truly enjoy a song called “Emotions and Math.” Yeah, it’s that good. She’s coming to Bloomington May 26, opening for the Milk Carton Kids at the Bus-Chum.

“Your Best American Girl”- Mitski

NATURALLY, Mitski made the greatest music video ever for “Your Best American Girl” because this song truly only deserves the best. I’m fairly certain that the comments section on YouTube for this video contain the only 100% positive comments in the entire YouTube universe. Let me know if I’m wrong. Mitski’s latest, Puberty 2 comes out June 17 via Dead Oceans, thank god that’s only two months away.

“I Would Hate You If I Could”- Turnover

Every other band that I’ve fallen in love with this year seems to be signed to Run For Cover. Whatever. I was listening to Turnover last night and stopped at this song to see the name and save it to my Spotify faves. Once I saw the title I laughed to myself because of course this is the one I liked enough to pause writing a paper to save. The song, like so many others, is about lamenting a lost love, but is so #relatable in the worst/best way.

“Golden Days”- Whitney

The only way to describe this song is :’). I’m fairly certain that is the greatest song of all time to listen to with your windows down, but I guess I’ll have to do it all spring and summer before I’m sure. Whitney is releasing Light Upon the Lake the first week of June via Secretly Canadian and it is going to be Good.

Tiny Desk Concert- PWR BTTM

If you haven’t watched this yet…do that. Now.