October 13, 2014 / 12:01 am

Music For Your Monday

Hope everyone had a relaxing “fall break,” because a three-day weekend now constitutes as a “break.” Whatever, it was nice not having to go to stats discussion on Friday. Here’s a nice playlist to kick off WIUX Pledge Drive (!!!!!!) and Homecoming week! Lots of exciting things. Lots of great music.

I first heard this new song by Gregory Alan Isakov on NPR’s All Things Considered, and it was the first time in a long time that I was excited for colder weather. The mellow melody and Isakov’s characteristically soft voice make for a song that sounds like the soundtrack to a snowy day; the song version of a the white bean soup that my dad makes on the coldest day of the year. The stop-motion is absolutely beautiful and perfect for the song.

Hozier’s bluesy, soulful voice first infiltrated my car speakers with “Take Me To Church,” which all my favorite XM stations played like the song was going to disappear at any moment. Luckily, Hozier released his self-titled album last week so we have some different songs of his to listen to. “Work Song” is my favorite on the album and I just can’t get enough of his voice, especially on this track.

I streamed Lorde’s set at Austin City Limits today and even though I’ve seen videos of her using Kanye’s “Flashing Lights” as an intro to her own “Bravado,” it was still an awesome surprise and she sounded great. “Flashing Lights” has always been one of my favorite Kanye songs and covering Mr. West as an intro to a song called “Bravado” makes more sense than almost anything I’ve ever heard of.

I always support anyone who can figure out a different way so that I can enjoy @badgirlriri’s greatest gift to society ever, “Stay.” This remix kind of makes your brain hurt, but in a good way.

Andrew McMahon’s latest project, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, began streaming last Tuesday, and is set to be released to the slice of population that doesn’t know how to use Souncloud and Youtube this Tuesday. I had pretty unrealistically high expectations of this album and predictably, I was disappointed. But that review is for a later time (check back here Tuesday late afternoon/night for a full review!) The track, which is by far the most stripped down and classic Andy, is my favorite one from the album. It’s also the least listened to track on the Soundcloud stream that Billboard set up. Go figure. The track sounds very similar to McMahon’s Something Corporate days, which may be why people are choosing to listen to his more pop-sounding songs instead. But really listen to this one, it’s great.

This is a really weird song. It’s also a really good song. Jaden Smith is on it. Gambino’s lyrics are on point and did I mention Jaden Smith is on it? But for real, the spoken word has some really great, insightful commentary and Gambino’s verse is so clean and the lyrics prove that he’s at the top of his game right now. But of course my favorite is when he starts throwing out Kanye references left and right, from “Monster” to “Flashing Lights” to “H.A.M” and “I Am A God.”