February 1, 2016 / 11:26 am

Music For Your Monday

It’s February! Congrats, you’ve survived one month of 2016, good for you! Your reward is some music.

Cadium- Pinegrove

Another single off of their upcoming album Cardinal, “Cadium” is a story in a song. It’s a different format, there’s no real identifiable chorus, and sounds more like a drunk rant on a yellow legal pad put to music. It’s good.

Frankie Cosmos- Sinister

Last Wednesday, amid Kanye’s Twitter meltdown, Frankie Cosmos announced her second full-length studio album, out April 1. The record is named Next Thing and features some sweet album art, and to top things off, she released “Sinister,” which is so great. It’s easy to hear how much she’s grown both as a vocalist and lyricist, and the music sounds great with the full band backing her.

Day Wave- Gone

Day Wave makes music that sounds like a slice of summer, and that’s what we all need in the middle of winter.

The Districts- Suburban Smell & 4th and Roebling

Low key one of my favorite bands from 2015, low key listen to them now.

The Beatles- A Day In The Life

You ever hear of this band? They’re pretty good!