January 25, 2016 / 1:49 pm

Music For Your Monday

Two weeks ago I said we were back. Then I didn’t come back. Sorry if that brought back some lingering abandonment issues. But here I am, and here’s some music.

Last summer I worked in New York City and worked in an office in the middle of Times Square. I don’t like to complain about it because living and working in NYC when you’re 20 is pretty great, but Times Square, especially during the height and heat of tourist season is absolute hell. I was hit in the face/shoulder with a selfie stick twice. Anyway, Bully released their debut Feels Like in June and I spent my evening commute blasting the album in my headphones as I pushed my way through the tourists and painted naked women and people dressed like minions and Sesame Street characters. Bully played at the Bishop last Wednesday and I’m sorry if you missed the show.

In his own words, Kanye’s writer’s block is over, thank Yeezus.

When I first listened to Glitterbug in the spring I thought it was a pretty decent, happy pop album. I gave it another listen over winter break and gained a whole new perspective on it, and this album is low key pretty sad. Between the 80s-esque synths, soul-barring bridge, and the opening drumming, I can’t stop listening to this track.

Frankie Cosmos did a really cool video with Pitchfork that came out last week, but tbh I really like her video for “Korean Food” off the Fit Me In EP a lot more. It’s all very summer-y and nice, plus I love the song.

After spending the better part of my summer listening to their Windows EP, Gosh Pith came to Bloomington for a show and did a session in the WIUX studio. They’re making some more music, and if you haven’t yet LISTEN TO IT.