January 11, 2016 / 8:36 pm

Music For Your Monday

Are we really doing this again? I think so. It’s my last semester, thought I’d give the people what they want, one last time. You guys want this right? If you don’t then just let me know and I’ll stop it before it gets too late.

Speaking of things getting too late … if you haven’t heard this yet, here you go

More sad music remixed to sound less sad, but still it’s sad

Not sad! Or is it? Regardless, “Be Apart” is the second single off of Porches’ album Pool, which is set to be released in February. Pretty cool video, pretty awesome song.

I haven’t stopped listening to You’re Gonna Miss It All since August, and this is not an exaggeration. The Philadelphia-based pop-punkish, folk-punk, various descriptors hyphen punk, is just really great. One day you’ll be feeling angsty and bored at work, listening to Modern Baseball and the flash-forward nearly four months and you’re at their concert, in the middle of a mosh pit. If it happened to me, it could just as well happen to you. The band is both self-aware and idealistic. Listen to MoBo.

If you haven’t heard “Real Friends” yet it’s like saying you haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie. I haven’t seen the new Star Wars movie. I know it’s great and I need to see it. I know. But I have listened to “Real Friends” a bunch of times. It’s Yeezy Season finally.