Music For Your Monday

Bloomington has finally conceded to the predictability of the seasons and according to the temperature, it’s fall. Even though I’ve put my sweaters in my shorts drawer and my shorts in the box that goes under my bed that doesn’t mean that tracks I’ve picked for this Monday can’t be as hot as the fourth floor in Ballantine on the last week of August.

Gambino dropped this gem last week and the mixtape chronicles growing up in Georgia and Hawaii. With his signature punny/smart lyrics and beats that match up to any rapper at the top of their game, maybe it’s finally time that Gambino gets the attention and praise that he deserves.

Yeezy Season>Sweater Weather (is Yeezy season approachin??????)

Haim=eh, Lorde=great, the fact that this performance happened=how

This song is dedicated the summer ending 🙁 Band of Horses covered this song, originally by The New Year, and I first heard it on an episode of the O.C. The scene brings me to tears pretty much every time because 1) Seth + Summer 4ever 2) This song is just so sad

Another single from Cold War Kids upcoming album, Hold My Home. It’s coming out Oct. 21 and should be a great record considering what the band has released thus far.

Transport yourself back to 2008/stop this band from happening because they named a song “Mom Jeans”

Speaking of 2008, this was my favorite song in 2008. On that note, consider this edition of Music For Your Monday over. Don’t forget to come back next week!

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