April 13, 2015 / 12:11 pm

Music For Your Monday

Well, Culture Shock is over. What are we supposed to do know? Listen to more music? Yeah that sounds like a good idea. But first, I want to thank everyone that helped make Culture Shock the success that it was and I hope that you had at last half as much fun as I did. But let’s not dwell on the past. It’s Monday and we all need a strong cup of coffee and some music.

Florence shared another song from her upcoming album and although it’s not quite as gloomy sounding as the two other singles, it’s just as good. The lyrics deal with some serious substance abuse problems and how difficult it is to accept it and get help, but these lyrics are juxtaposed with a pretty uplifting beat. I’m so interested to hear the rest of the album because already the three songs are so different but lyrically, deal with somewhat similar issues. It’s gonna be a good one.

This track feels like sunshine on my face.

PSA: The new Alabama Shakes album is currently streaming on NPR and this is the soul/funk/southern rock/classic rock/punk/jazz music that we all deserve. Even though their first album was great enough to propel them to huge success, this album is leaps and bounds beyond Brothers and Sisters, which is saying so much. Sit down and really listen to this one, it’s that good.

Years and Years is gonna be v big in a few months. I’m calling it. Now watch this video of them covering Haim’s “Don’t Save Me”

We’re all allowed to have some guilty pleasure songs and this one by Jamie of the xx is mine at the moment. Last week I was writing a paper in the library and listened to this song on repeat for about two hours and I don’t regret a second of it.

The female vocals in the new Brandon Flowers song? Danielle Haim. HAIM IS TAKING OVER. (even though is song is kind’ve rape-y…”you’re not gonna deny my love” ok please calm down and take 10 steps back) But really, I’ve been talking about this for nearly a year now, 80s pop is coming back and this song just further proves that theory.