February 23, 2015 / 11:30 am

Music For Your Monday

It’s another Monday in Antarctica, I mean Bloomington, and if you’re like ugh Jessica it’s not even that cold I don’t care because maybe your blood is thicker than mine or maybe my ice cold heart just makes my body colder. I don’t know. But what I do know is that this year has just been stellar for music so far, last week we got new Sufjan, Alabama Shakes, Florence + The Machine, Big Sean, Modest Mouse and more that I can’t recall off the top of my head. But look at that list. That’s better than like all of 2014 combined. This week’s Music For Your Monday is gonna mix up some new with some old with some rap with some emo ballads and it’s gonna be great.

I think that it’s important to remind people every few months that this song exists. Even though literally everyone on this song has a solid verse, Kendrick steals the show. Regardless, Big Sean still has a solid verse, but if you listen to the singles he’s released from his upcoming album (it’s due out on Tuesday), you can already hear how he’s grown; all the songs he’s released are solid, different, and feature the likes of Drake and Kanye. Don’t forget about Kendrick though, he’s set to release an album sometime this spring too.

Este Haim from Haim and Scarlett Johansson teamed up to create the super girl pop group called the Singles. Their first single. “Candy,” is very obviously influenced by 80s pop like the Bangles, further proving my ongoing theory that whether we like it or not, 80s pop is in vogue. (See Bleachers, Haim). The straight out of a John Hughes movie synths are out of control and the saccharine vocals make for a pink cotton candy song that will be so fun to blast in the car when (and if) it’s warm out again.

I woke up Sunday morning with this song stuck in my head even though I haven’t listened to it in months. “Konstantine,” perhaps one of the more annoying songs on the spectrum, is nine and a half minutes of whining and pining. It’s kind of like one of those low-frequency (or is it high-frequency) noises that only young people can hear; only people 12-17 can listen to “Konstantine” and actually enjoy it. Now it’s just annoying, but if it’s ever playing you better believe I’ll sing every word.

Triple J is a radio station from Australia and they have a program called Like a Version where they get bands to come in for an in studio performance and play delightful covers. Needless to say, the Like a Version Youtube channel is one of my favorite corners of the Internet to waste time. Here’s a weird cover of “Shake it Off” by Milky Chance.

I keep forgetting about this new song from Unknown Mortal Orchestra and then I hear it and don’t understand how I keep forgetting about it. Insane chord progression, super catchy and the drumming keeps everything in place. It’s a keeper.