February 8, 2015 / 9:27 pm

Music For Your Monday

Aaaaaand we’re back. I’m feeling pretty good after watching that awesome #iubb win over Mich. Talk about #themichigandifference amirite. The Grammy’s are also on tonight and a bunch of pretty average singers will probably win awards. Unless Haim and Taylor Swift win. They are not average, they’re super humans.

Those middle parts though. I mean their cover of “Wrecking Ball” is not very good, but it’s something different and they’re just so cool. I low key want them to adopt me if that was legally possible/socially acceptable.

You wouldn’t think that a song like “Mind Over Matter” would sound good minus the drums and the guitars plus electronic blips and blops and but sometimes people are wrong. This remix is really really really good.

“Don’t smile at me, I’m trying to be dark and brooding” yes this song speaks to me on many levels. The lyrics in this song are pretty weird but it’s sung so normally and overall sounds like an average song that you don’t really notice until the third time that this guy is so happy and in love that he’s singing to the house plants. I want what he’s drinking.

Slowly falling in love with Jagwar Ma and I’m not mad about it. They put such a unique spin on classic 60’s rock, the sweeping melodies are Beatles-esque to a tee but there’s also something post-LSD trip Beach Boys going on too. I want to sit on a porch and drink a tall glass of lemonade while listening to this song on repeat.

I somehow missed that the Wombat’s dropped a new single in January, and if you missed that too here’s your chance to listen to it! Overall, it sounds like their old music but a wee bit more poppy. Forever a sucker for a British singers, the Wombats have held in special place in my heart for a while. Their new album, Glitterbug comes out April 6 and I’m very much looking forward for another excuse to listen to beautiful British accents on repeat.

Mondays are tough. Let Ben Gibbard and his guitar make you feel better.