December 8, 2014 / 12:34 pm

Music For Your Monday

Happy dead week!! It’s the spookiest time of year besides dead week in the spring semester and Halloween. Same same but different. Anyway, this week’s Music For Your Monday is dedicated to some of my favorite study tunes. If you like what you hear, check out this playlist I made last semesterĀ for finals. And maybe I’ll make an updated version later this week if I’ve run out of other ways to procrastinate.

Dallas Green of City and Colour (get it???) has one of the most soothing voices and sometimes that’s just what you need after reading the same sentence for the umpteenth time and still failing to make any sense of it.

Jake Bugg’s solo acoustic set at the Bluebird on Thursday was unreal and this song has since been on repeat. It’s also a great study song.

At least it’s not on Spotify so you don’t have to to remember to turn private session on so no one knows that you listened to this on repeat for three hours while writing your final paper.

This must be the place, the place is the library. But at least you’re listening to a great song.

There is a lot of noise in this song. If you’re one of those people that listens to classical music or soft, acoustic music or even silence while studying, I do not recommend this track. But if you’re like me and need that extra jolt sometimes (coffee can only do so much) when you’re on the seventh page of a ten-page paper and stuck, then yeah this song is for you.

This song is nearly ten minutes long so you’ll be able to concentrate without wanting to change the song for that amount of time. And it’s so good that you’ll want to listen to it at least five times in a row. That’s nearly an hour of uninterrupted music. #solutions

There’s just sometime very soothing and hypnotic about this song. It makes me think of the smiling sunglasses emoji.

Happy studying!!!!