Monday Night Madness @ The Bishop

Don’t get bummed out because it’s Monday! Plan to come to The Bishop on Monday (11/10) to see FUTUREBIRDS and Stellardaze rock the house! You’ll have something to look forward to all day making Monday suck a little bit less. Doors will open at 8 p.m. and cover will cost just a mere 10 bucks. All ages will be welcome, so all you kids that think because you’re not 21 there’s nothing fun to do, you’re wrong!

Six Bloomington natives comprise Stellardaze and if you’re familiar with the Bloomington music scene as the bands Facebook page says “Everybody knows everybody in Bloomington”, so you probably know these guys. If you have yet to acquaint yourself with these dudes they play a mixture of what seems the norm these days: psychedelic indie rock. Genres really don’t mean much in my opinions these days it’s what they do with it live that means a lot. So check em out and come see a wicked show.

FUTUREBIRDS – Thomas Johnson, Carter King, Dennis Love, Brannen Miles, and Daniel Womack made their start in Athens, GA. The southern origins give their music a sort of country feel, but fret not they don’t really play country music (I know you were all worried for a second). The dudes give a crazy unique astro feel to some down south country tones. The FUTUREBIRDS draw upon a live rhetoric similar to the likes of touring greats the Grateful Dead or modern day Arcade Fire, where the live show offers way more for a listener than any analog ever could. The group’s latest album Baba Yaga earned good marks on Pitchfork for “a loose-limbed tangle of reverbed guitars, hollered harmonies, and driving yet contemplative Southern rock rhythms.”

Listen you won’t be disappointed: