March 30, 2017 / 10:41 pm

Modern Rappers and their Architectural Counterparts

21 Savage – Dingbat

21 Savage

A Dingbat, a boxy apartment usually ranging from two to three stories tall with available parking underneath, is the perfect encapsulation of 21 Savage’s spirit. The Dingbat takes the bland apartment and turns it into something new and exciting, just as 21 Savage has done with trap.

Soulja Boy – California Bungalow

soulja boyThe popular building style known as the California Bungalow creates an open environment while only working with a small amount of space. This style of housing while looking glamorous, is actually quite affordable for the average family, just as Soulja Boy sports an alluring appearance while really only putting out under-adequate work.

Kanye West – Bay-and-Gable Town House


The tall standing-façade of the Bay-and-gable style has broad bay windows, creating an exceptional view from the outside in, just like West’s songs like “Hey Mama,” “Real Friends,” and “Welcome To Heartbreak” give the listeners a segue into his feelings.

Paul Wall – Tree House

paul wallThe Tree House, noted for its primary use as a child’s clubhouse, is the perfect way to bring modernity into a natural setting. However, a Tree House is far more of a novelty rather than a serious contender, just like Paul Wall’s music.

Rick Ross – Igloo

rick rossThe Igloo, found primarily in the Arctic regions of Canada, creates a warm and welcoming environment against the cold, just like how beneath Rick Ross’ hard demeanor lies a soft sweetheart.

A$AP Rocky – French Colonial Chateau

asap rocky

Used during the period of French Colonization, this architectural style invokes prominence and wealth. As the de-facto leader of the A$AP mob, and known for his exceptional sense of style, A$AP Rocky embodies everything that is the French Colonial Chateau.

Lil Uzi Vert – Pacific Lodge

lil uziFound in the Pacific Northwest, the Pacific Lodge often features exposed wood with large windows and high ceilings, allowing it to blend into the natural spaces they tend to reside in. This plays into Lil Uzi Vert’s own nature, because even though he has released an extensive amount of music, he still blends into the scene as just another rapper who has yet to truly stand out.

Lil Yachty – Houseboat

boatEver since Lil Boat took over as the Creative Director of Nautica he has fully embraced his aquatic themes, and so it would only be fitting if you could see him cruising down a river in his own houseboat.

Ugly God – Neo-eclectic Home

ugly godThe Neo-eclectic style has the majority of housing developments in the United States, and has steadily become the ‘norm’. Ugly God, while new to the scene has gained traction very quickly, with his debut-single “Water” currently standing at over 78 million streams on SoundCloud since its release in November 2016. With his fast-found fame, Ugly God has become the inspirational model for SoundCloud Rappers, and we will quickly see a flood of Ugly God-esque rappers, just as we see an overwhelming amount of Neo-eclectic homes.

Drake – Landfill


Drake is trash.