April 14, 2014 / 1:02 pm

Meet the 2014-15 Board of Directors

Every year, WIUX votes in a new class of Directors to lead the radio station in everything from sports, to news to business. This year, 23 students are on the board and it’s already shaping up to be one of the best groups WIUX has ever had. Get to know your board, but try not to judge their childhood music tastes too much.

Name: Carolyn Suna
Year: Senior
Position: General Manager
First Album: Millennium– Backstreet Boys

Name: Sarah Thompson
Year: Junior
Position: Station Manager
First Album: The Shrek Soundtrack

Name: Adam Cohen
Year: Senior
Position: Programming Director
First Album: Now That’s What I Call Music! Vol. 5

Name: Lucas Wozniak
Year: Senior
Position: Business Director
First Album: Morning 3AM-Simon and Garfunkel

Name: Mackenzie Mills
Year: Sophomore
Position: Sales Director
First Album: B*Witched-B*Witched

Name: Brenden Biesen
Year: Senior
Positon: SPEV Director
First Album: Yellow Submarine-The Beatles

Name: Collin Thomas
Year: Sophomore
Position: Chief Engineer
First Album: The Who Ultimate Collection

Name: Sam Velazquez
Year: Junior
Position: PR Director
First Album: Aerosmith’s Greatest Hits

Name: Chelsea Barras
Year: Senior
Position: News Director
First Album: …Baby One More Time-Britney Spears

Name: Lacy Scarmana
Year: Senior
Position: News Director
First Album: Breathe-Faith Hill

Name: Sam Rumpza
Year: Junior
Position: Co-Sports Directors
First Album: Who Let the Dogs Out-Baja Men

Name: Jessica Yarvin
Year: Junior
Position: Web Content Director
First Album: Oops…I Did It Again!-Britney Spears

Name: Kevin Hyland
Year: Junior
Position: Assistant Web Content Director
First Album: Move It Like This- Baja Men

Name: John Caito
Year: Junior
Position: Co-Music Director
First Album: Aaron’s Party– Aaron Carter

Name: Jared Peterson
Year: Sophomore
Position: Co-Music Director
First Album: Smash Mouth-Smash Mouth

Name: Chelsea Patton
Year: Senior
Position: Social Media Director
First Album: MillenniumBackstreet Boys

Name: Alec Steinmetz
Year: Junior
Position: Even DJ Director
First Album: Now That’s What I Call Music! 4

Name: Rose Harding
Year: Junior
Position: Promotions Director
First Album: 1-The Beatles

Name: Xander Harty
Year: Senior
Position: Production Director
First Album: Best of Aretha Franklin

Name: Shelby Stephens
Year: Junior
Position: IT Director
First Album: Whitney Houston