July 7, 2017 / 2:24 pm

Mamby on the Beach

At three years old, Mamby on the Beach is just baby of a musical festival. One thing is clear though, this

baby is growing fast. The edm and alternative pop festival is located on Oakwood Beach on the south

side of Chicago, boasting a beautiful view of the Chicago skyline behind the main stage. Feel free to go

completely barefoot for most of your time here, as the two main stages are right on the sandy beach.

What started out as a small festival has grown in to a popular destination for electronic music fans

across the Midwest and beyond. With headliners MGMT, Walk the Moon, and acts like Local Natives,

Marian Hill, and Saba; Mamby was able to draw a huge crowd. With Lollapalooza just a month away,

MoB serves as the perfect appetizer for Chicago.

If Mamby goers needed a break from the music, they had the chance to participate in a water balloon

fight, join a group yoga session, along with many other fun activities. A growing demand of electronic

fueled music has seen has forced Mamby to expand its borders, as it draws bigger crowds each year. By

the looks of the attendance this year, they’ll need to keep expanding. My advice would be to get in on

Mamby while it still has some of its small festival charm. The $60 Uber my group paid from Oakwood

Beach to downtown Chicago after the show will probably be $80 next year.