July 7, 2015 / 12:29 pm

LOLLA 2015: The Playlist

In less than a month, thousands of flower crowned teens and ironic tank top-clad bros will descend on Grant Park (which ironically features a statue of Abraham Lincoln) to ~experience~this year’s edition of Lollapalooza. Starting in 1991, Lolla has grown into one of the premiere music festivals in the U.S., bringing in musical acts from across the world as well as always highlighting the local Chicago music scene. Recently, they’ve even made their food more Chicago-centric, because what goes better with the late summer heat than Chicago deep dish?

Jokes aside, the festival has worked hard in the past 24 years to differentiate itself from its oft-compared West Coast sister, Coachella, and it has been able to hold its ground as the summer has become inundated with various music festivals.

Later this month, I’ll be flying out to Chicago to experience it all-the flower headbands, the deep dish and of course-the music-firsthand as I cover Lolla for WIUX. Throughout the month, I’ll be taking your suggestions on how to cover the festival. What do you want to know? About the bands? About the festival goers? About the people who make Lolla happen? You tell me, I’ll make it happen.

If you’ll also be in Grant Park, whether for one day or all three, be sure to use the #wiuxlolla15 hashtag on your tweets and instas and at the end of the weekend, we’ll have a collaborative story of how the WIUX community experienced the festival. In the meantime, I made a playlist of some of the bands that will be playing to get hyped for the weekend and also hopefully discover a new band that we’ll be lucky enough to hear live in just a few weeks.