Local music spotlight: Sunspots


Known for it thriving music scene, musicians and bands from Jake Bugg to Ok Go to Turquoise Jeep have all stopped in Bloomington on national tours. However, what keeps the music scene alive long after the tour buses leave are the many bands that compose of the very students sitting next to you in Finite.

Partly due to the highly-esteemed Jacobs School of Music, there are many passionate and very talented musicians studying music and playing in bands with their friends just to have fun. However, not every local band is made up of Jacobs students. Most just love music, want to play music, and luckily live in a college town that is constantly hungry for the next big thing.

That’s where Sunspots comes in. The four-man “sunpunk” band met up their freshman year in their dorm. They then added a fourth member, started playing at house shows and then began writing their own music. These days, their set lists are almost all original songs and they’ve released recorded versions of their songs. Even though they’ve become staples at house shows and have played at local venues like the Bishop, Sunspots is just as committed as they were from day 1 to create good music, but mostly to just have fun.