November 11, 2015 / 2:52 pm

Live from the Living Room: Osmosis Tones

Live from the Living Room is back, this time with Osmosis Tones. Inspired by Pacific Northwest indie rockers Modest Mouse, the band is set to make a name for themselves in Bloomington. Watch the video and read our interview with the band to get to know Osmosis Tones.

Mixed by Nick Kinney, Brian Berger and WIUX Engineering Committee




Osmosis Tones: Karl Behrens, Evan Munz, Jeff Browne, Ryan Swayze

WIUX: How did you start playing music together and come up with your band name?

OT: Started playing this summer, we’ve played three shows. We’re pretty young. Jeff came up with the band name. We all have an underlying fondness for Bill Murray, and puns…and Motown

WIUX: Where’s your favorite place to play music in Bloomington?

OT: House shows are more fun cause everyone can come and you don’t have to be 21. People get pretty rowdy. I feel like every house show we’ve had has gone great but every venue is iffy. But the Bishop is great they always treat us well.

WIUX: Are you working on any new music?

OT: When we have a show coming up we practice for the set, but when that’s not happening we try to bust music out, hoping one out of four is good. Our goal is to have an EP out by the winter. We’re still on a pretty hard songwriting kick right now but ideally we just want to keep playing shows, that’s fun. We have a band fund now, what we make from shows goes to recording.

WIUX: What bands inspire your sound?

OT: Modest Mouse, Pink Floyd is a huge influence, a lot of old school rock, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath. When it comes to performing, it depends who I’ve seen live. Twin Peaks was great they have great stage presence. The one thing is energy, if people aren’t moving they aren’t having fun. I (Karl) played a whole show with my fly down at the Bluebird.

WIUX: What’s your favorite pizza in Bloomington?

OT: Swayze: Mother Bears Jeff: Mother Bears Evan: King Dough Karl: Mother Bears

WIUX: If you could perform on stage with any three musicians dead or alive who would they be?

OT: Jimi Hendrix, J Dilla and Freddie Mercury