September 21, 2016 / 9:07 pm

Live from the Living Room: Furnsss

WIUX Live from the Living Room is back and as hot as ever!!

Furnsss came all the way from Connecticut to share their love of fuzz rock with WIUX.

Mixed and engineered by the WIUX engineering committee

 Interview with Brendan from Furnsss:
Mike Higgins: What brings Furnsss to Bloomington? Tell me about your tour.
Brendan: A few bands we’re friends with recommended we stop in Bloomington. The tour is a 6 week tour of the United States with our friends Bread Pilot.
Mike: Tell me about the origin of Furnsss? What artists/people have inspired you to make music?
Brendan: Furnsss started when I was in middle school, funny enough. Seven years later and a few name changes and style changes we’re still operating. I guess you could call it my child. Some artists that have inspired me include (but are not limited to) The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Pavement, Deerhunter, LVL UP, and Dinosaur Jr.
Mike: What is your opinion on the book Where The Red Fern Grows?
Brendan: Beautiful & Classic.
Mike: What’s up for Furnsss after the tour ends?
Brendan: Chill and hopefully do SXSW come spring time.
Later that night Furnsss and Bread Pilot played a very rocking show in a local Bloomington basement. They were well accepted by the Bloomington music scene.
You can find Furnsss and Bread Pilot on Spotify.