Lia Mice and Plateau Below Friday Night (10/10) @ Russian Recording

Sick and tired of sitting around on your Friday Nights? Need somewhere to go, hoping to impress that cute girl you just met? It seems the planets, stars, and all cosmic phenomena have aligned for you. This Friday night Russian Recording will host Lia Mice with Plateau Below opening. Doors open to this interstellar event at 8 and the show begins at 9. Covers 5 bucks, and all ages will be allowed entrance to the show.

Bloomington’s own Plateau Below will kick off the night. Approaching the six month anniversary of Still Paradise members Jared Jones, Jacob Gumbel, Joe Creech and Logan Carithers embody the spirit of garage rock refined by years together. Jones, Gumbel and Creech started playing as a trio way back in 2006. Still Paradise conceptualizes the album as a metaphorical river. It ebbs and flows, strong and feeble, while twisting and turning to keep the listener ever enchanted with emotional highs and lows. Passage of time plays a pivotal role into the emotions and tones of Plateau Below’s music. The facets of the band make for an evening of sensory tantalization.

Check out this lick for affirmation:

Following Plateau Below, Australian Eleanor C Mice (aka Lia Mice) will capsize the evening. After a series of plot twists filled with cancelled flights, nights spent in dingy underground venues, days hunched over pen in hand and most importantly exposure to music genres far and wide Lia Mice had an experimental pop album completed in true fashion. I Love You will be out November 4th via Old Flame Records. MTV’s Iggy categorizes Lia Mice as “darkened dance-ready pop” and gives a sound classification of “exploring the fog-covered European countryside”. Gives you a little bit of the feels (does it not?), and those European sounds are coming right to our backyard! Russian Recording will be a stop on the kick off tour of the album, so if you want plenty of fresh songs and sounds you won’t want to miss out Friday.


Come out and support local rockers, album release tours, and most significant, the culture of live music. Just take a look at the poster for the night’s affairs; I think the creativity levels of the poster warrant a listen to the bands it boasts.

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