Landlady and Sunspots @ The Bishop (10/30)

Picked out what you think is a killer Halloween costume, but unsure how you’re friends will react to it at the big party Friday night? Just wanna have some fun on a Thursday night? Come on down to the Bishop (123 South Walnut Street) for great music and a spooky good time. Brooklyn-born Landlady will head the bill with local rockers Sunspots getting the show started. Admission at the door will cost you 8 bucks (whoa, such a low cost for such a good time) and grooving should commence around 9:30 p.m.

Kicking off the night, Bloomington’s own Sunspots will mesmerize the crowd with “Rockin n Rollin sun punk ya dig” (Direct quote from the bands Facebook page). How great does sound? Sunspots (Jack Stanton, Nick Johnson, Jesse Gildner, and Luis Berrizbeitia), recently formed and have been taking dingy basements around Bloomington in a blaze of gloriously groovy fury. Seeing them perform twice already, I’ve caught an addiction I just can’t seem to get enough of (and I’m not seeking sobriety for my ears anytime soon). Upbeat tunes you just can help but dance to will be in store for you at the Bishop from these dudes. Ya Dig?

Check out a newly recorded song:

Capping the night will be Landlady (Adam Schatz, Ian Chang, Mikey Freedom Hart, Ian Davis, & Booker Stardrum), five rockers from Brooklyn. Citing influences like The Pixies & The Flaming Lips combined with a “surprise” genre selection how can you not get excited for the mysteries that await the night? Musically gifted Adam Schatz has given his expertise in collaborations with Vampire Weekend, Those Darlins, and Man Man, as well as co-producing NYC Winter Jazzfest. The music rhetoric of a multi-instrumentalist will offer sounds and textures from listeners of all preferences.

Just listen for yourself:


PRIZE INCLUDED: you’re probably thinking wow all of this sounds great already and now they’re going to include a prize, it can’t get much better. I don’t like to spoil surprises, but who knows you may or may not see cross dressing at its finest, I’ve heard a rumor the St. Paul beer girl may be making a special appearance.

DISCLAIMER: Costumes are not mandatory, but would you rather be the person who wears something crazy or who looks dull and ordinary. Plus it’s All Hallows Eve weekend people, let your inner freak out of its cage.