September 24, 2014 / 12:37 pm

Kendrick Lamar Drops First Single

After featuring on Flying Lotus’ new single “Never Catch Me” earlier this month, Kendrick Lamar dropped his first single off his much anticipated album. The track titled “i” was released earlier today and is the first single off his yet to be named album (United States of A.L.A.RM. has been falsely rumored as the title).

Kendrick Lamar’s forthcoming album has generated a decent amount of hype, rightfully so after the successes of good kid, m.A.A.d city and Section: 80. In recent Rolling Stone interview Lamar promised one thing for sure of his new record, “it’s that it will connect again.” Kendrick’s recent tours have refined his performance rhetoric and stage presence, I can attest seeing him three times in the past year, he has really transformed as an artist. Yet, Kendrick has not announced a release date, so eager fans may be waiting longer than years end for the complete album.

“i” offers different dimension to Kendrick, straying away slightly from the aggressive and raw tones that contributed to his previous recordings. Don’t fret though, Kendrick said in the same Rolling Stone interview “aggression and emotion” will be plentiful on the upcoming album. Give the track a listen and decide for yourself if you like the new sound.