August 20, 2017 / 12:04 pm

I’m With PUP

Originating from Toronto, the punk rock band PUP emerged under the name Topanga. And yes, that is a reference to Danielle Fishel’s character on Boy Meets World. WIUX was able to sit down with Stefan and Steve in a grassy area in the media village. There was a lot going on during the start of the interview, with Whitney walking past and artists playing on the Grant Park and Lakeshore stages behind us.

Their performance on the Tito’s Stage was incredible. Fans were popping up all over the place, moshing and crowd surfing. It was amusing to see security guards grab the crowd surfers by their feet and pluck them out one by one. Of the dozen our so I saw being picked off, one was able to escape by dropping into the sea of bodies.

Singer Stefan Babcock discusses his reasoning for the naming of the band’s last record “The Dream is Over”, words the doctor said to him after losing his voice.