October 28, 2015 / 5:21 pm

I Went To Maine And All I Got Was This Lousy Life Experience

This past summer, I spent two months in Maine working on organic farms, swimming in lakes, and drinking a lot of 7% milk. While a lot of weird stuff happened (i.e. fleeing one farm, living with a surrogate family in New York for a week, emptying out a shared composting toilet), a lot of really important stuff happened too. My hands grew calloused and my arms grew strong. I drank really great coffee. I drove a red pickup truck through a hay field (so farm it hurts). Most importantly, I met some of the most magical people. There’s something about splitting logs, weeding lettuce, and tending to chickens that really just bonds people together. Added to my already sentimental disposition, I’m staring out the window, pining for the days when the gang would walk forty minutes into town just to get a bottle of Coke.

As I endure the marathon essay-writing session that is this semester, I miss the farms all the time. I miss the early mornings and being tired out of my mind by evening. I miss the dirt and the animals. I miss the people, who I carry around in my heart every day.

This playlist consists of songs that soundtracked this summer for me, and a few that have come to be associated with Maine through the hazy filter of nostalgia. (Can I be nostalgic for a few months ago? Can I be nostalgic for the dirty chai I had this morning? I say yes.)