Hump Day Hootenanny @ The Bishop

Its hump day and you know what that means? That’s right the weekend is almost here and why not prepare for the weekend with a great evening of music. Wednesday night (11/12) The Bishop will host Winspear’s event comprised of Joey Cook and the Keepers of the Secret, Plateau Below, and The Tourniquets. 5 dollars will get you through the door ($5 for three bands do the math, only $1.70 a set). The show starts at 9:30 p.m. and guests ages 18 and up are welcome!

Kicking off the night will be Bloomington’s own Plateau Below. Approaching the six month anniversary of Still Paradise members Jared Jones, Jacob Gumbel, Joe Creech, and Logan Carithers embody the spirit of garage rock refined by years together. Jones, Gumbel, and Creech started playing as a trio way back in 2006. Still Paradise conceptualizes the album as a metaphorical river. It ebbs and flows, strong and feeble, while twisting and turning to keep the listener ever enchanted with emotional highs and lows. Passage of time plays a pivotal role into the emotions and tones of Plateau Below’s music.

Following Plateau Below will be Joey Cook and the Keepers of the Secret. Joey Cook, former member of the Pomegranates, recruited Mark Ventura, Pierce Geary, and Remi Glistovski to form this new band. Drawing influences from the Bee Gees, Black Sabbath, Nick Drake, and The Byrds the Keepers of the Secret play a plethora of different tunes. Up tempo beats layers with classic rock riffs paired with distorted layering create key elements of the band’s sound.

Wrapping up the night will be The Tourniquets, Wesley Cook and Zack Worcel, the Bloomington natives’ play a little bit of down tempo lo-fi psychedelic tunes. Prominent bass riffs echo through the background generating an encompassing sound, while dreamy guitar riffs resonate distantly throughout their new album. EP II, The Tourniquets latest album released January of 2014 offers wistful tracks similar to the likes of slower Tame Impala songs.