Hip Hop History: Young Thug Has a Funeral Procession for “Slime Season 3”

“We’re going to bury Slime Season 3” Lyor Cohen said…. and the next day they did.

In the middle of the Texas heat in March of 2016, Young Thug sent a casket adorned with red graffiti with the phrases “Young Thug”, “YSL”, “Slime S3ason”, and the date “3.25.16” down the streets where SXSW was taking place.

This was a full-blown procession. Thugger employed pallbearers outfitted in matching black suits and red ties. They were followed by a marching band playing New Orleans funeral style music. Passerby and onlookers took to Twitter to express their confusion about what was happening in the middle of the festival atmosphere. Some were aware that Young Thug was using this as a publicity stunt to promote the release of his mixtape, while others were wondering why the hell a dead body was being carried through the same street where they were trying to enjoy their Whole Foods rooftop parities.


This historic moment took place solely to announce the date that SS3 would be released. In the year since this event, there has still never been an explanation of why a coffin was chosen to announce the date. There has been a little backlash from fans, including Thugger’s frequent collaborator Be EL Be, but it didn’t hurt the success of SS3 at all.