February 15, 2018 / 3:25 pm

Hip Hop History: Rick Ross “Shout Out To All The Pear”

You’ve probably seen the infamous Vine of rapper Rick Ross shouting out the fruit, but how much do you really know about “shout out to all the pear”?

The quote originated from an interview in London on May 18, 2014 between Rick Ross and an English DJ named Tim Westwood intended to promo Ross’ European tour. During the interview the topic of Rick Ross’ weight loss came up and the rapper began to list off of all of the ways that he has been attempting to cut pounds. Although he also talked about his own fitness regimen that he dubbed “RossFit”, which is hilarious and also something that I would like to try, the part of this section of the interview that garnered the most attention was Ross saying that he added pears to his diet. I’m not sure if it’s the ridiculousness of stating that a singular fruit is aiding weight loss or the delivery of the statement that makes it hilarious, but you cannot deny that this is one of the funniest interview moments of all time and led to a slew of creative content across the internet.