November 8, 2017 / 9:52 am

Hip Hop History: Kanye Brings Henny to the Red Carpet

You probably remember the 2009 VMAs as the moment when Kanye not only made the world stop, but also go the president to call him a jackass by cutting off Taylor Swift’s “Best Female Video” acceptance speech. This is a tale as old as time and we all know that Taylor Swift still hasn’t let it go, but it’s not at all what should stand out to you about the night.

What you should never forget is that Kanye brought a fifth of Henny onto the red carpet.

In an ICONIC power move, the rapper not only brought his controversial girlfriend at the time, but also his favorite alcoholic beverage to show off. And if you’ve never had Hennessy…. Understand that drinking this much is quite the feat.

Here’s a video of the pair sharing some swigs:

He even took a minute to share it with the Moon Man before heading into the show. 

The fun did not stop after entering the building though. Somehow Kanye and Amber Rose ended up getting Pete Wentz, the one from Fall Out Boy that every wannabe scene girl at your middle school had a crush on, to take a swig. This lead to my favorite photo series of 2009. 


Kanye was literally just running around and laughing at people while he took pulls of the cognac.

This is the Kanye that I hope we get back someday. The man who would bring a full bottle to the red carpet, get a little too faded on the Henny, and then hop onstage and insult “America’s Sweetheart”. This is the Kanye we know and love and deserve. I’ll end it here, with this picture of some girls who look like “Jersey Shore” rejects and a plea for the Old Kanye to make an appearance in 2018.